The Rainbow Footsteps

Greetings Family,

Rainbow Footsteps is a group of friends who originally connected by the Gay Christian Network in the Charlotte, North Carolina area in 2008 as a weekly bible study group. Over the years, more people joined and game nights, picnics, and cookouts were incorporated into the groups meetings. Our goal is to spread the message that everyone is accepted and loved regardless of sexual identity in the body of Christ. We strive to walk in the footsteps of Christ and spread knowledge that your sexuality does not negate your salvation.

While the majority of us are both gay and believe in following the words of Christ, we also accept all into our group whether gay, straight, transgendered, Christian, Catholic, Pagan or even non-religious people. We do not ostracize anyone. We love everybody.

We are constantly updating our site and just to provide some insight on things to come, we will be including local LGBT resources such as churches, counselors, and doctors, list of books to read and synopsis of them for further studying the subject in general as well as testimonials from our members with their choice.